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Bilingual Department



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Phone# 956-716-6830
Fax # 956-716-6831

Fort Ringgold, Curriculum-Bldg. 6

Rio Grande City, TX 78582

   Mr. Jesús Martínez                           Mrs. Norma Mckee

Mr. Jesus Martinez  Norma Mckee BE/ESL Coordinator

Bilingual/ESL Director                         BE/ESL Coordinator 


Bilingual/ESL Strategists-Coaches

  Denisse Aviña                                Santos G. Cantú 

Denisse AviƱa BE/ESL Strategist                       Santos Cantu BE/ESL Strategist










Edna Bazan BE/ESL Secretary Sydel Olivares BE/ESL Clerk











      Edna J. Bazan                                    Sydel Olivares

Bilingual/ESL Secretary                      Bilingual/ESL Clerk                       


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Our mission is to help ensure that English Language Learners (ELLs) attain English proficiency and academic success. We will design and implement strong professional development to support all school personnel. We will help them improve teaching and learning in the classroom and provide supplemental resources. We are an educational organization committed to preparing all students to meet the academic, creative, social challenges and responsibilities of our society by implementing a rigorous, integrated, technological and competitive curriculum from Pre-k to Post Secondary.

Vision Statement


Our vision is that ELLs become bilingual, biliterate to graduate ready for a college career and life in a global, multicultural society.

Learn Today, Succeed Tomorrow.

Two Languages-Two Cultures


Core Values


Recognize and graduate every child

Go children first, by implementing a safe and nurturing educational environment.

Collaborate community and parental involvement

Creating goals and high academic expectations

Integrity, respect, humility and transparency

Strengthening our values and beliefs, service before self

Dual language integration and respect diversity