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Vilma Garza

Vilma Garza


It gives me great pleasure and honor to introduce myself as the RGCCISD Superintendent of Schools.  It is exciting to be back in a leadership role because RGCCISD is so close to my heart. I am a native from Rio Grande City, who attended school at La Union Elementary, Grulla Middle School, and Rio Grande City High School. It has been a pleasure to serve in multiple capacities as:  Teacher, Instructional Facilitator, Principal, Technology Director, and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction for the past 38 years. As you can see, I have spent the majority of my life educating students in RGCCISD. I am passionate about education and eager to continue educating students and parents of RGCCISD.

Superintendent of Schools has always been a goal of mine because I know I can contribute to the education of all students at RGCCISD.   I took this job knowing that we need to improve the learning of all students to prepare them to be proficient in academics and give them the tools needed to pass the STATE assessments. Our goal is to make sure every student gets the best education by offering all options available for when they graduate.   We are required to prepare students for: College, Careers and Military. Additionally, we will offer many other opportunities for multiple endorsements that can afford students a certification and/or an associate’s degree in a field. As we address the education of all the students of this district, we also have to address our financial budget.   Our budget consists of local taxes, state and federal funds. State and federal funds are provided to our district based on student attendance. It’s important for all students to come to school daily. Although student attendance is part of the formula for funding, it is also even more important to their academic growth. I know parents have a huge responsibility in the upbringing of their children and making wise decisions to ensure their children become someone successful in life. We want to join efforts in helping parents through this journey.  We want to commit ourselves as educators to ensure your child is well prepared. 

We want to help parents by offering several initiatives:

  • Free school supplies for all students PreK3–Grade 12 funded by federal and bilingual funds. 

  • PreK3 program to all children that qualify. Parents would need to drop off and pick up students.  (Transportation not available)

  • “Beyond the Bell”, after school care until 5:30p.m. for PreK3– 5th Grade students at all elementary campuses. Parents need to pick up students.   (Transportation not available)

  • August 19 Early Start, more instructional days to prepare students for 

STAAR, End of Course Exams, and Student Success Initiative 5th & 8th grade

In addition, RGCCISD will continue to improve our educational system by focusing on students and teachers.   We will streamline our educational programs to ensure we identify each student’s reading and math levels; monitor progress and provide many opportunities for intervention.  We will promote reading throughout the day and homework. The district will initiate competitive opportunities at campus and district level to reinforce academic instructional student expectations in the areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.   We will continue to challenge students by providing accelerated instruction and honor courses to those students that excel in academics. We need to continue to address all students who may need specialized instruction based on academic needs. We are responsible for all students and we will address all students’ needs.

Another important aspect of RGCCISD is parental involvement.   We will continue to improve our parental involvement program by providing more opportunities for parents to participate in educational endeavors through family events, seminars and festivities.  We are also researching and working on a plan to offer music at the elementary campuses in the near future. I am excited to inform parents that softball and baseball will be offered at the middle schools starting this school year and Fine Arts for 5th Grade students.

RGCCISD, under my administration and the support of our school board of trustees, will commit and dedicate all efforts and time to provide the students of this district, your children, the education they deserve and instill in everyone a sense of pride to say, “We are proud of our students, parents and community.”  We will make RGCCISD great again! Looking forward to working together and serving your children!


Vilma Garza,

RGCCISD Superintendent of Schools